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Self Coil Cable 1.8M

1.88mm Cable



Keyed Cable Lock
1.80mm x 8mm
1- Black vinyl cover

Keyed Cable Lock Colored
2- Keyed assorted colored cables

1- ML/8126
2- ML/9127

  Padlock Black 40mm

40mm black covered lock
Vinyl cover


    Family Pack of 3 Cable Lock

1.8mm x 8mm
3 pack keyed alike

  Back Pack Reset Combo

Resettable combination

CODE: ML/1547
  1.2m Combo Cable Lock

1.20mm x 8mm
Combination cables
Black vinyl cover

CODE: ML/8143
  Bike Armoured Cable

Flexible steel cable
Pin tubular cylinder
1.20m x 30mm armoured cable - keyed
Tubular keyway
Universal cable bracket.

CODE: ML/8115

  1.95m Combo U-Bar Lock

Anti-Dust protection
Carrier bracket.
U bar - 165mm x 190mm
14mm diameter.
4 digit resettable combination.

CODE: ML/8280
  Self-Coiling Braided Cable

7 pins tubular keyway
High security disc cylinder KEY lock
with anti-dust rotative keyway
protection Universal carrier bracket
(8mm - 12mm) 1,80M x 12mm Vinyl

CODE: ML/8121
  Self-Coiling Braided Cable

7 pins tubular keyway
High security disc cylinder COMBO lock with anti-dust rotative protection
Universal carrier bracket (8mm - 12mm)
1,80m x 12mm Vinyl cover

CODE: ML/8122
  Uni Carry Bracket

6 mm to 15mm
Fully universal carry bracket.

CODE: ML/8352
  Python Bike

Fully adjustable locking cable.
Ties like a rope with infinite locking positions Extra length cables available
from 1.2M to 9m Keyed alike & add a padlock to your python kit for flexibility.

CODE: ML/8428
    Street Cuff Locks

1- Street Cuff Carrier Cage Bracket
2- Street Cuff 9 Link Lock
*not available in NSW

1- ML/8210
2- ML/8290
  Coloured Cable Locks

1- Keyed cable
2- Fixed combination cable
55cm x 6mm

1- ML/8630 (RED)
2- ML/8631 (BLACK)
  Twin Wire Bungee Cord

1- Blue 46cm, stretches to 69cm
2- Red 61cm, stretches to 91cm
3- Green 81cm, stretches to 122cm
9.5mm diameter, 6 outer, 2 per packet

1- ML/3019 (BLUE)
2- ML/3020 (RED)
3- ML/3021 (GREEN)


STEELCOR Bungee Cord

1- 45cm, stretches to 68cm
2- 60cm, stretches to 90cm
3- 80cm, stretches to 120cm
4- 15-102cm adjustable
9.5mm diameter, 6 outer, silver

1- ML/3032
2- ML/3033
3- ML/3034
4- ML/3039



Carabiner Display, 100pcs.
Zinc die-cast construction is lightweight and durable
Four vibrant, translucent
colors Ideal for backpacks,
sports bags
and key rings
Not for climbing


  U-Bar Lock 220mm

Covered body and shackle prevents
scratching Hardened steel 10mm x 220mm
shackle resists cutting and sawing
Carrier bracket for storage convenience


Universal Bracket

Universal U bar or cable carry bracket
Fits up to 20mm locks

CODE: ML/8351

  U-Bar Lock 250mm

250mm hardened steel shackle
140mm wide, 15mm thick
High security disc cylinder KEY lock
Anti dust roatative keyway protection

CODE: ML/8196
  Cable and Lock

15mm cable
76cm straight
High security disc cylinder lock

CODE: ML/8281

U-Bar Lock 280mm

280mm hardened steel shackle
1.2M brided steel cable 110mm wide, 15mm thick High security disc cylinder KEY lock. Anti dust roatative keyway protection

CODE: ML/8285