Dear Cyclist,

We are writing to inform you of an important recall and upgrade campaign for Look KeO Classic, Sprint,
Carbon and HM Chromoly (excluding Carbon Ti and HM Ti) pedals that were produced from 2004 until December 2005. These pedals comply with all applicable standards, but we have received isolated
reports of broken axles in these pedals, and we intend to replace them with axles like those produced beginning January 2006. Use the photos below to assist in determining if your pedals were made during this period.

Only Keo pedals produced before January 2006 are covered by this program no other Look Cycle products are affected. The production date for KeO pedals is visible on the underside of each pedal, as shown on the following detailed instructions.

If your pedals were made in the period outlined, stop riding on the pedals. Remove them from your bike. Then contact your nearest authorized KeO Axle replacement location, the list of which is below. They will let you know if they currently have axles, and the best time to bring them in. They will replace the axles on the spot.  Stores will not replace axles if the pedals are brought in still attached to your bike. If you are unable to bring their pedals to an authorized replacement location, please post the pedals to Groupe Sportif, where the axles will be replaced. Address is below.

This recall is in cooperation with the ACCC, who will monitor the effectiveness of this recall program.

Look produced the world's first clipless pedal in 1985 and is still the leader in performance and technology for pedals, carbon fibre frames and other components used by the world's most demanding cyclists. The safety and satisfaction of our riders is our utmost concern. We thank you for your assistance in serving our customers, and ask that you please accept our apologies for this inconvenience.


ATT: Keo Upgrade
27 Ceylon St
Nunawading VIC 3131

Ph 03 8878 1000 (M-F, 8.30 5 EDST)
Fx 03 8878 1001